Looking for the best credit card


What is the best credit card ?

The best credit card will give you more benefits than drawback. This card will help you from your financial condition but of course it is depend on your ability to manage your financial condition. You need to hold yourself from hunger of fashion and cute things especially for women. Recently, there were various kinds of offering were available and it seems like the company is also competing with others to get more customers. It means that the customers like us have more options to choose. Since the offerings are varied, you can compare and see which offering will give you the most beneficial offering. You should not be deceived by the offering of low interest rate; you should also see the fine, charges as well as other hidden fees. You need to have the right guidelines in order to get the best credit card.

Step to get the best credit card

You can check your email to see if there are any offerings for credit card. You can check each mail. You can start to see the offering. It is possible to print the offering and read the brochures. If it is possible, you should also ask the customer service about the offerings. How long the offering will last is the most important question. If you already have a credit card and you want to cancel it, you can ask the new credit card company about the balance transfer. You should ask if there is fee on the balance transfer since most of the credit card company will have higher fess for higher balance. Do not apply on the credit card that mention about zero percent of transfer fee or interest since it was only an advertisement. You need to get the detail of the card unless, it will only give you bigger debt and burden.

The best credit card is mostly only for a new applicant since the good side of credit card is laid on the introductory rate. Introductory rate is one of the more attempting offering since it was very low and different with the regular one. You should learn if there are various promotions to make you have lower expenses and interests. The right step is not signing on the credit card application because of the bonuses and rewards.

Best credit card offering

The best credit card  will give good offering and it will last for a long time. It will only waste your energy. The basic standard is on the annual fee. If you have a credit card with annual fee, be ready to calculate to make sure if the benefit of the card is bigger than the annual fee. This fee will cost you hundreds dollar so you need to be careful with your choice. Choosing the best credit card is also depending on your need. What kind of credit card that you need will determine the limit of the card as well as the way you use it.  Looking at the most beneficial features will be great. Air miles as one of the feature are not giving too much benefit. Do not attempt to this kind of promotion.

Finding the best credit card means looking for the right for you. You should also calculate on how you will pay your card. Will you pay the balance full for each month or you will only pay for the minimum payment. Credit card with lowest incentives but has the lowest interest could be a very good option since the interest will be applied each month so it will be a good benefit. People with good credit score also have the higher chance to get the best credit card with the lowest interest.

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Hints to keep the lowest credit card rates


What are credit card rates?

Credit card rates are an interest or fee that applied on your credit amount. It means that this rate will be applied on your balance or bill. It is important to note that a credit card always has annual credit card interest. You should also know that for different transaction, there will be different rate and interest applied. This rate is usually a nightmare by most people who have misusing their cards. It means that they have dug a hole for their own head. In order to the right credit card rates, the first thing to do is surely to look for the best credit card. The thing that you should do is reading. Read the term and condition of the credit card and start asking about everything including balance and fees. Take the lowest rates though the card has less offerings and promotions.

Credit card rates types

Credit card rates have various types. There are four major types of rates from a bank. As it is mentioned above that different transaction will have different rates. The first type is purchase interest rate. This rate is charged on purchasing such as from supermarket, bills as well as direct debit and insurance premiums. A credit card will also give charge on cash interest. This charge is applied when you on the ATM withdrawals as well as fund transfer using ATM, phone even internet banking as well as paying bills on the counter bank or post office. You will also have special interest from bank. This special interest is usually applied on other amounts for instance a balance transfer from one credit account to another credit account or bank.  The last is the blood sucking interest or interest on interest. This interest rate is charged on interests above and usually applied on any interest charges.

Knowing that there are many ways to take money from you and make you pay more than it should be, you should be careful with your credit card. You must ask how to avoid those interests. The only way is to make the interest as low as possible. This step should be begun with choosing the best credit card. It means that you need to avoid offering in your email. The offering in the email is quite easy and quick but it does not give the best interest rate. It often has good promotion and offering on points and rewards but it has various hidden fees as well as the higher credit card rates.

The way to make your credit card rate lower

Having a credit card can be a big help but it could be a big burden as well. The most important thing is to make sure you pay the bill before the due date. You may miss the payment date once since it will not make massive credit damage account. It will only put on interest and higher rate as well as other fees. In order to avoid this thing, you can use the technology since there is a technology that is able to deduct your debit account to pay your credit account so it will be a lot safer. The second thing to be done is to know the limit. Though you have known for each account limit, you can call them to make sure about it also to make sure that you will not be overcharged.

Credit card rates are more than just interest and fees. You may also have hidden fee each month. Make sure you have the right amount of bill before paying any and if you find any suspicious number even it is only ten bucks, call the customer service and ask for clarification. It is good to have a good understanding with your creditor, if there your rate is spike, you need to call the creditor and ask about it politely. Credit card rates will also be lower when you have good score so you need to maintain your own credit score to get the lowest rate.

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